Invisalign Dentist In West Vancouver, British Columbia

Pictures and Animation of Invisalign Treatments

Actual 6 Month Treatment

Invisalign 6 month animation

Invisalign before 6 month treatment (before)

Invisalign after 6 month treatment (after)

Actual 13 Month Treatment.

Please note that the patient had some cosmetic veneers completed after the Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign 13 month animation

Invisalign before 13 month treatment (before)

Invisalign after 13 month treatment (after)

Actual 14 Month Treatment

Invisalign 14 month treatment animation

Invisalign 14 month before treatment (before)

Invisalign 14 month after treatment (after)

Actual 22 Month Treatment

Invisalign 22 month animation treatment

Invisalign before 22 month treatment (before)

Invisalign after 22 month treatment (after)

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